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Landscape Maintenance 

Your landscape will always be a ‘living thing’ that requires regular attention to maintain its healthy form.  AC Horticutural Maintenance division dispatches our expert horticulturists. The day-to-day work is performed by our well-trained landscape associates. With emphasis always on professionalism, we control every maintenance aspect of your landscape; from spring trimming and clean-up, mulching, tree planting, right through fall clean-up. We work with you to determine all services necessary to provide worry free care throughout the year. Our maintenance packages are designed for your unique property, but typically will include the following activities:

• Tree Trimming & Removals

• Landscape Maintenance
• Landscape & Irrigation Design
• Masonry & Hardscape 
• Spring & Fall Cleanup
• Annual Mulching of Plant & Flower Beds
• Shrub Pruning
• Shrub Fertilization

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why do I need a landscape maintenance program?
Landscape maintenance includes tree trimming, shaping, crowning,thinning & lacing your trees in the most efficient manner possible.   Most homeowners are too busy to provide the constant care usually necessary to maintain an attractive landscape. AC Horticultural offers specific landscape maintenance programs suitable for any need. Allow us to keep your property looking green and full of color just like the first day of installation.

What does landscape maintenance cost?
AC Horticultural determines the cost for maintenance service based on the size of your lawn, planting beds and the amount of pruning required. Give us a call to receive an estimate of cost for maintenance for your property.

Do I need to sign a contact?
Yes. By signing our Maintenance Contract, you AC Horticultural to provide the best service possible and you will know what services will be performed and when they will be performed. While more service is required at different times of the year, AC Horticultural has scheduled work to be performed throughout the year and the cost is equally divided between the 12 months so your payment will remain the same each month.

Do I have to sign a new contract every year?
No, AC Horticultural 's yearly contract will continue in full force and effect at the end of the contract period and will continue on a month-to month basis.

Will my yard, driveway and walkways be cleaned off during every visit?
Yes, AC Horticultural prides itself in leaving  every property totally clear of any debris.

Is pruning my shrubs and trees included in landscape maintenance?
Yes, AC Horticultural will keep bushes, shrubs and ornamental trees (less than 10ft) trimmed in accordance with standard industry practices.

Will AC Horticultural trim back my perennials?
Yes, perennial beds will be pruned back to ground level in early winter

Does AC Horticultural provide service to natural areas in my landscape?
Natural areas are defined as wooded areas and are not covered by regularly scheduled maintenance unless agreed to in landscape maintenance contract.

In the event of a storm or natural disaster, will AC Horticultural take care of any clean up required?
In the event of a natural disaster such as an wind storm, severe freeze, or any natural occurrence,  AC Horticultural may assist with the clean-up at an agreed compensation.  You can rest assured;  we will make every attempt to get to your property asap! 

Is there anything I can do to reduce the cost of my maintenance service?
Yes, we will reduce your costs through our referral program when you get your neighbors to sign up for maintenance services with AC Horticultural.

Does the maintenance crew check for proper irrigation of my property?
No, AC Horticultural is not responsible for the proper operation of irrigation systems. We will, however, report any unsatisfactory condition that we become aware of.

Is AC Horticultural insured?
Yes, we are fully covered with public liability and damage insurance. AC Horticultural agrees to hold owner/agent harmless or any losses, resulting in bodily injury, death or property damage due to the negligent acts and omissions of AC Horticultural, its agents, employees or subcontractors which arise out of the work performed under our Maintenance Contract.
How do I cancel service?
At the end of the contract period, the contract may be terminated by either party upon giving thirty (30) days written notice by Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. Upon termination, any difference between the cost of services provided and monthly fees paid must be satisfied.
Are there any incentives or me to prepay my maintenance service yearly in advance?
Yes, AC Horticultural will give you one month of free service for advance payment.

How soon after I sign a contract can I expect service to begin?
Service should commence within a week. AC Horticultural requires payment for the first month's service at the inception of the contract and you will be added to our crew's schedule for your area.

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